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Problems on a National Scale

Over the past month, a neighbor and I had to have an AC installation in Brooklyn because our air conditioners both malfunctioned. Coincidentally, we both had an air conditioner that was made by the same company. Other people across the country who had the same kind of air conditioner were experiencing the same problems. There have been talks about forming a class action lawsuit against the company who makes this particular air conditioner. I’ll see if anything actually comes from that, but I won’t hold my breath. For the mean time, my neighbor and I opted to get an air conditioner that was made by a different company.

My neighbor already had a company in mind to do the installation, as she had been looking for one as soon as her air conditioner first started having problems. I’m the kind of person who will wait until things get a little …

The King of the Bitcoin Market

Going from someone without a lot of money to someone with a lot has been a wild ride for me. My journey into money all started when I began using Bitcoin Era to trade in digital currency. I had done some research on the whole thing before and decided that it was the right time to finally jump into it. I was a bit scared that I would lose a lot of money from trades, but I took the precautions to prevent that from happening. I only traded a set amount of money and didn’t go beyond my limit.

I had a keen eye for knowing when the price of bitcoin would rise or fall. Most people will just use their gut when they try to make trades, but I know how to look for areas in the market where there is likely to be an increase or decrease in …