Problems on a National Scale

Over the past month, a neighbor and I had to have an AC installation in Brooklyn because our air conditioners both malfunctioned. Coincidentally, we both had an air conditioner that was made by the same company. Other people across the country who had the same kind of air conditioner were experiencing the same problems. There have been talks about forming a class action lawsuit against the company who makes this particular air conditioner. I’ll see if anything actually comes from that, but I won’t hold my breath. For the mean time, my neighbor and I opted to get an air conditioner that was made by a different company.

My neighbor already had a company in mind to do the installation, as she had been looking for one as soon as her air conditioner first started having problems. I’m the kind of person who will wait until things get a little worse before they call on a repair company. I figure that sometimes a malfunction is just a one off occurrence that will just fix itself eventually, but this is not always the case. Sometimes things just never get better, and you have to call someone to fix them, or replace them.

The company that my neighbor and I used for the air conditioner installations was able to perform both of our installations on the same day. The time for each installation was only a couple of hours at most. It was basically a matter of disconnecting the old air conditioner and moving it out of the way to make room for the new one to be put in place and wired up. Once everything was connected and tested, we had our working air conditioners again. I hope everyone else who had problems with theirs can find someone to put in a new one.